A Little Bit About Me

Photo: Jennifer Gilbert Photography

I am not really what you’d call “traditional” or even “straightforward”, my paths to current day have been varied thanks to the many opportunities I have been presented with (and taken).

I was born in Toronto, ON but grew up (formatively) in a small Acadian fishing town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. My school housed 400 kids (from Kindergarten to grade 12) and so there weren’t many options when it came to school courses; my choices were physics or Entrepreneurship.

I graduated with honors and headed off to University to study Law – that was my first mistake – I was incredibly bored and realized that was not my path, so I moved back to Toronto and got a job. As the years went by, I started a few creative projects and found the need to have a website. I read books and followed tutorials and taught myself how to create one. My husband was a graphic designer so any graphics I required were provided and so I started creating websites.

My circle then consisted of small business owners who also needed websites so they turned to me and I started creating sites for them too. I got frustrated quite a bit with my lack of ability to keep up with technology so I made a decision to go back to school.

I graduated from Humber College with a diploma in Web Development and Graphic Design and a certificate in Writing for the Web. I started my own business and continued to create websites as well as marketing materials for companies ranging from Architects to Bakeries, App developers to home decor firms.

Throughout the years, Social Media became an important factor in creating an online presence and so I continued to update my knowledge base and adapted to the online landscape. I have had the pleasure of running multiple social media marketing campaigns, developing many brand strategies and helping numerous businesses on their path to success.

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