I'm Ariane, an Entrepreneur with a passion for business.

Photography by Jennifer Gilbert

I am not really what you’d call a “traditional” or even “straightforward” entrepreneur, my paths to current day have been varied thanks to the many opportunities I have been presented with (and taken).

I was born in Toronto, ON but grew up (formatively) in a small Acadian fishing town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. My school housed 400 kids (from Kindergarten to grade 12) and so there weren’t many options when it came to school courses; my choices were physics or Entrepreneurship, so I took Entrepreneurship.

I graduated with honors and headed off to University to study Law. I was incredibly bored and realized that was not my path, so I moved back to Toronto and got a job.

As the years went by, I had the good fortune of gaining experience with a multitude of jobs in a variety of industries from Air Filtration and Spa Management to Retail Big Box operations and Real Estate assistance.

Given the fact that I LOVE learning, I really leaned into each opportunity and learned all I could about each industry; taking courses if needed and seeking mentors etc.

During those years, I got married and had kids and as my priorities shifted, I leaned on my entrepreneurial spirit and dabbled in a variety of business ideas – some wildly successful and some, not so much.

As my circle of contacts grew, so did the opportunities to help people; as people who wanted to start their own businesses reached out for advice and “chats”, I found myself consulting on a variety of projects.

I’ve worked on projects as small as a business card design and one page website to large scale projects such as full conference execution and full-scale business creation. I’ve experienced every aspect of business from the beginning idea creation to the everyday management of a fully staffed seven-figure company.

Whether it’s giving advice, being your sounding board, or actually implementing systems and strategies I’m excited to work with you and take the busy out of your business, allowing you to focus on your clients and what you do best so you can start growing and scaling your business.

My Core Values


An important part of every business, I usually become good friends with my clients; creating trust and loyalty.


Searching for new and unique ways to achieve goals and having fun in the process; Keeping things interesting.


It’s all about them. Making things easier so you can spend more time with them; creating important memories.


We don’t get it back so it’s important to spend it where it matters most; doing things that make life worth living.

What I do as a business manager

If we were in a traditional office, I would be your Office Manager. Developing ways to assist you (the business owner) as a whole to operate effectively, ensuring you and the rest of the team have the tools and processes to keep things running as planned.