This is not business as usual. 

I will help you plan for success in a completely different way; using fun, artistic methods to help you define your message, create your team and plan your finances. We’ll work together, one-on-one to create a comprehensive plan to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life.

1:1 - 8 Weeks

Investment starts at $0

Working through all of the foundations of a business plan, but with a creative twist. I’ll walk you through 8 weeks of visioning, planning and strategizing to help make your entrepreneurial dreams come to life!

1:1 - 12 Weeks

Investment starts at $0

This program takes the base 8 weeks and adds a few more to spend a bit more time on some of the foundational modules; defining your vision, crafting your marketing message and then we add in a left-brained component so your plan is formalized for funding applications, record keeping or presentations.

1:1 - One Day Intensive

Investment starts at $0

When you’re short on time, or you just don’t have patience (raises hand!) this intensive consulting program is for you!
As my Father-in-Law would say, “Let’s Get On With It” and let’s bring your plan to life!

Open Forum

Just want to chat about an issue you’re facing?
Need a sounding board for an idea you’re tossing around? Want to get feedback on a part of your plan or strategy?

For the designated time period, YOU are the director, I am the audience; This time is run by you, for you!

Available in hourly or day long sessions.